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Bridges, Veneers, & Crowns for Lethbridge

Modern cosmetic and restorative dental treatments provide patients with solutions for solving aesthetic and health issues that come with decayed or damaged teeth. Dr. Harry Penner and Dr. Bradley Low help patients achieve beautiful and healthy smiles with life-like and durable dental bridges, crowns, and veneers in Lethbridge.

When Do I need a Crown, Bridge, or Veneer?

Dental veneers, crowns, and bridges are all made to restore your smile in the event of mild to severe damage. What may benefit your health and appearance the most depends on several factors, including extent of decay and your long-term goals.

Crowns - These restorations are intended to replace dental enamel in the event that you have a tooth, or teeth, that have been severely damaged by decay. Crowns, often called caps, are made to look like real teeth and are placed over prepared tooth structure, thereby restoring strength, function, and aesthetics. Crowns can be used on any number of teeth, to repair one bothersome tooth, or to totally correct a more comprehensively damaged smile.

Fixed Bridges - Bridges are typically 3 -piece units consisting of a replacement tooth attached between two dental crowns. By affixing crowns to neighboring teeth on either side of the gap caused by tooth loss, bridges complete your smile and improve oral function.

Veneers - These thin, but durable porcelain sheets are made for covering flaws on teeth. Veneers work best for patients whose underlying dental enamel has not been structurally damaged by decay. Veneers restore teeth in your smile line that have been cracked, chipped, or are of uneven size and shape.

Whenever possible, our restorative dentistry treatments help you keep more of your natural, healthy tooth enamel. Drs. Penner and Low avoid over-treatment and help you find the right combination of crowns, veneers or bridges to bring your smile back to full health, function, and beauty.

Natural Looking Veneers, Crowns, and Bridges

Not only should your restored smile help you enjoy renewed health and function, it should look beautiful as well. We can provide all-porcelain crowns, bridges, and veneers to fit your needs, according to your bite balance and whether you habitually clench and grind your teeth.

Porcelain restorations from our Lethbridge dental office look more natural over longer periods of time -- you won’t see a dark line at Smile Improvementyour gums like you might experience with metal-based restorations. To better benefit durability and aesthetic, Drs. Penner and Low provide porcelain Opalite and Emax restorations, which have been proven to be just as long-lasting as metal prosthetics. Our crowns, bridges, and veneers are engineered to be patient-friendly and beneficial for overall smile aesthetic.

Missing or Damaged Teeth? Our Dental Restorations can Help

Dealing with damaged dental enamel, missing teeth, or small cosmetic flaws can be bothersome and uncomfortable, but restoring your smile with porcelain crowns, bridges, and veneers can give you the smile you want in a way that is long-lasting and boosts your overall oral health.

For more information on comfortable, natural-looking dental restorations, contact Dr. Penner and Dr. Low today.