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Emergency Dental Services in Lethbridge

Any health problem that could be considered an emergency requires immediate treatment, including dental issues that affect your smile and overall health. If you’ve broken a tooth in an accident or if pain and swelling have developed around a certain spot in your smile, visiting our dental office is an important part of alleviating discomfort and safeguarding your health.

Common Dental Emergencies

While issues like accident or injury that damage teeth are obvious emergency scenarios, more subtle signs such as puffy or swelling gums can be an indicator that immediate treatment is necessary. Our emergency dental patients visit us to treat problems that include:

• Toothaches
• Cavities
• Broken or Chipped Teeth
• Knocked-Out Teeth
• Swollen, Bleeding Gums

Before visiting our dentists, you can help reduce any discomfort and swelling by applying cold compresses. If you are able to preserve parts of damaged dental work or knocked-out teeth, handle them gently and bring them to your dental appointment.

Drs. Penner and Low offer emergency dentistry in Lethbridge for both new and existing patients. If you are in need of immediate care and haven’t been to our office before, we can still provide the treatment you need. Call our office as soon as possible if you are experiencing any of the problems listed above.

Available Same-Day Emergency Treatment in Lethbridge

In many instances, dental emergencies can be treated in the same day. For cases of broken teeth or cavities, we can perform same-day bonding and fillings with tooth-colored composite resin. In the event of a tooth infection, Drs. Penner and Low can extract severely damaged teeth or provide tooth-saving root canal therapy in the same day when necessary.

Our immediate goal is to alleviate pain and discomfort. We treat emergency dental problems as soon as possible for relief of bothersome side-effects and provide a long-term care plan for any necessary continued treatment. Additional care can include restoring teeth with dental crowns or replacing lost and extracted teeth with fixed bridges or recommendations for implant placement and restoration.

Don’t Wait to Seek Treatment – Contact our Office for your Emergency Appointment

Dr. Harry Penner and Dr. Bradley Low support patient health and wellness with emergency dental care in Lethbridge, AB. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, get the care you need immediately by calling our office at (403) 329-9433.